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About Us

All Craig Ranch property owners are members of the Craig Ranch Community Association (CRCA). Various areas within Craig Ranch have a service area or sub-association. Owners of properties within each subdivision are members of the CRCA, in addition to their service area or sub-association.

To a resident, this means that depending on where you reside, you may be subject to two separate assessments - Master Assessment (CRCA) and Service Area or Sub Association Assessment. This also means you that receive services from both the Master and the respective Service Area or Sub-Association in which you reside.

Living in a designated Service Area or Sub-Association within Craig Ranch means you enjoy additional benefits exclusive to that area. If your Service Area or Sub-Association pays for the expenses involved in the operation of an amenity, such as a pool or a clubhouse, then the amenity is only accessible to residents paying into the operating budget for that particular area. 

CRCA Assessments:

  • The CRCA Master assessment is $445 annually. All owners are responsible for this annual assessment. (The eleven Service Areas have a separate assessment). 

  • Due January 1.

  • Funds the annual operating expenses of the association and replacement components.

  • There are several ways to make your payments. Please visit to see all options.

  • CMA Customer Care is available Monday - Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm at 972-943-2828 or

CRCA Services:

  • Professional, on-site management.

  • Robust lifestyle and event planning.

  • Common area landscape services.

  • Seasonal banners, decorations, and holiday lighting.

  • Weekly newsletter.

  • Community website.

Community Structure:

  • Two residential condominium Sub-Associations.

  • Three residential townhomes community Service Areas.

  • Eleven residential single-family community Service Areas.

  • Six residential single-family communities without a Service Area.

  • CRCA also has several commercial properties located within the community.

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